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About Us

Em Plastik

"Who are we? Packaging is becoming increasingly important and valuable in today's consumer market. In the face of changing and evolving needs, the packaging of a product has emerged as a significant criterion in addition to the product's inherent features. In this respect, EM Plastik applies the expertise it has build up since 2008 to develop higher-quality packaging materials for its customers. Our commitment extends beyond keeping pace with evolving packaging technologies; we also position ourselves as a collaborative solution partner for our customers through dedicated R&D activities, and these activities are being conducted swiftly and accurately in alignment with the requests of our customers. Moreover, EM Plastik products and their derivatives are manufactured with a focus on the fastest possible natural decomposition and environmentally friendly processes. Our extensive product range serves a variety of industries, including but not limited to automotive, stationery, retail, textiles, and other industrial sectors."

Our Mission

The goal is to enable our country to compete with global major players on a technical and economic level through a skilled and experienced staff structure and to establish our company's brand as associated with the notion of quality. The aim is to offer economically and technologically advanced plastic film products to the global industry, with a primary focus on the Turkish industrial sector.

Our Vision

At EM Plastik, we acknowledge that our responsibility extends beyond our products. Therefore, we strive to contribute to Turkey's future in a variety of areas, including the environment and nature, as well as guiding our customers.