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Rolled Foils

Rolled Foils

It comes with options as sheets and single open rolls. Based on customer demands, it can be produced in printed, unprinted, and various colors. For customers looking to minimize costs, we offer two choices: 1st quality original products and 2nd quality alternatives.

Sheets Rolls
Single Open Hose Rolls,
Double-Sided Gusseted – Closed Hose Roll

Slitting Rolls – Warning Tapes

Underground warning tapes and safety barrier tapes are produced using the slitting roll method.

Colored, transparent, printed and unprinted products can be produced.
As per demand, winding by meter or diameter (cm) can be done.
Products with the desired quality can be manufactured.
Slitting of any size can be done starting at 9 cm.
The required thickness can be adjusted starting at 30 microns (3 mic).